Our Vision


Every man needs a LIFT.

Millennial and Centennial young men are faced with unique challenges in the 21st century. Many are bombarded by systematic pressures that limit their productivity. Others are desperately in need of trusted guidance and resources to help them reach their potential. There are still others who simply want to know that someone cares about them.

Growing up, I was blessed to be raised by a mother and father who cared deeply about my livelihood and success. They invested their time and resources to grow me into an upstanding gentleman. As wonderful as they were, I still needed the guidance and perspective of older brothers, mentors, and men I wanted to emulate in order to become a wholesome man. Every young man needs a LIFT from supplemental encouragers.

Realizing that many young men, especially in minority and impoverished communities, need that supplemental guidance, we have established LIFT to meet that need. It still takes a village to raise a child and LIFT is an vital part of that village. LIFT was founded in October 2017 to serve as an additional resource for mentorship and encouragement in the city of Cincinnati. Our target audience is young men from the ages of 13-25 years of old who have a desire to be a gentleman. We focus on this age range because we believe these 12 years are critical to the establishment of a man in society.

As a business leader and community leader in the city of Cincinnati, my goal is to connect our gentlemen with a vast network of resources to provide them with the best mentorship experience possible. Every Liftor (mentor) is meticulously vetted to ensure the safety and development of our gentlemen. We look forward to serving the community with you and growing a generation of quality gentlemen.

We can Lead In Front Together!



Eugene H. Partridge III, MBA

Founder and Executive Director of LIFT