A Unified Team Driven By Passion.



A Liftor is a mentor who has committed themselves to the cause of upLIFTing and growing quality gentlemen. These individuals are people of influence in their respective spheres of influence. They have built successful careers, families, and vocations. Without our Liftors, LIFT would not be possible.

Meet our team of Liftors.


Timothy Tipton
Hurley Coleman
Dr. Eric Jones
Cortez Martin
Tony Chappell
Maurice Stallworth
Phillip Tipton
Kevin Glover
Jonathan Williams



Board of Directors

LIFT is led by a Board of Directors whose sole focus is on building a relevant curriculum and intentional programming that transforms our young men into quality gentlemen. 


Eugene H. Partridge III
Founder and Executive Director, Liftor

Hurley J. Coleman III
Associate Director, Liftor

Timothy J. Tipton
Director of Operations, Liftor

Tony Chappell
Director of Fundraising and Revenue, Liftor

Jesse Short
Director of Community Relations, Liftor

Dante Flanigan
Director of Education and Innovation, Liftor