Our Gentlemen


Our gentlemen are broken down into four divisions: Legends, Icons, Fellows, and Trainees. While our target audience is young men ages 13-25, we rely on our Legends and Liftors to pour into our gentlemen. We tailor our programming to address the unique issues in every age bracket.

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Legends are gentlemen who are well established in their careers; men who have learned quite a bit about life. Some are fathers, some are husbands, some are executives, some are community leaders. Legends are those we must glean from. 




Icons are gentlemen who are beginning to apply the knowledge they have gained from role models, parents, and educational teachings over time. They are beginning their careers, starting families, dreaming big, and working hard. Icons are hungry for their piece of the pie.



Fellows are gentlemen being thrust into the world, yet still learning the ropes. Previously Trainees, they are beginning to understand that life isn't giving them anything. Fellows are seeking higher education, entering the workforce, or enlisting in the armed forces.



Trainees are gentlemen ready to learn how to become impactful men. They are just beginning to understand what it means to be a man, but are interested in being trained, cultivated, and developed. They are middle school and high school students figuring out life.